New Patients

River Hills Pediatrics is accepting new patients.

Prior to scheduling your child’s first appointment at River Hills Pediatrics, please complete the following:

Your child’s records need to be received  in our office and an information sheet must be completed.

To get the process started, you must sign a release of records form with your previous doctor. The previous office will send the records to River Hills. The time of request until the time of receipt sometimes takes as long as 2 weeks. After making the request, follow up by calling our office to confirm receipt of records. If we have received the records, we will then complete the information form over the phone, including, but not limited to, names, birthdates, and insurance information. At that time we can schedule a first appointment.

At your first visit to River Hills

We ask that you personally complete and sign an information form, family history form, and privacy policy. These forms can be found on the forms page for you to download, print, complete, and bring in at the time of your appointment.

Please review other sections of this website to get familiar with policies and practices that you will find helpful as you join our practice.